Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some of my goals for my slavery

Bonus points to ThePinkPoppet for the idea of this post - i was had to urge to write something but wasn't sure of what and she suggest that i talk about some of the goals i have as a slave, so here goes!

i don't think i have ever sat down and tried to plab out my goals as a slave in writing, i know i have some ideas in my head and some i have talked with Mistress about but never really put them all down in the same list. It also makes me wonder what goals Mistress has for herself as well as for me too, i should go and talk to her about this. But that’s not the point of this post so i'll move on.

I think the biggest goal i have for being a slave to Mistress is that Mistress enjoys having me as her slave. I know thats a pretty generic thing to say but it’s at the top of my list. Because at the end of the day if She decided to tie me up, whip me until i was red and bruising all over and then fuck my ass raw but wasn't really enjoying doing it, then it’s just not the same for me. If i know she isn't getting a kick out of having me as her slave then i don't enjoy being her slave - i think because i get too disappointed that i hadn't done something right, or that perhaps i had forced the role of Mistress on her when she might not want it or whatever, but it’s that which makes Her happiness the number one goal for me.

Taking that first generic goal i can expand on that in my head a lot more to say "well how can i make her happy?" and the list there goes a fair way. First there are things i can do to care for Her and make Her feel like a queen, so things like always giving her massages (and maybe pedicures/manicures - assuming i could learn to give them), keeping the house clean and tidy, doing things for Her while She relaxes with a book, and so on. Then there are plenty of other things i can do to make her happy sexually as well, with going down on her being at the top of that list (for me anyway! hehe). So looking at this list of things as a goal for me, my first goal is to get better at always making Her happy by improving in all of these areas. i know i can't change everything overnight, so these are things i want to keep working at.

Then there are goals that i have for myself. When i think of the goals that are specifically for me i came to one conclusion - i am a seriously wanna be dirty slave! I want to be able to learn how to take big plugs and dildos in my ass (the bigger the better, i think im an ass whore wanna be here, i cant do anything past what i would call medium right now, but with practice ill get better). i want to be able to deep throat a strap on worn by Mistress, i want to push my pain threshold as far as i can, which will mean reaching it and breaking it multiple times. i want to have reminders of my submission that i can always have with me, like my cock cage - getting both of my nipples pierced is on that list. i would really like to be 'feminised' somewhat as well - i'm not saying i'm ready to go out in public and try to pass as a woman or go and get a sex change or anything (i love my penis too much for that!) but the thought of being made into a slutty woman drive me wild - i could do a whole post on just this subject alone, in fact i think i might so i won’t go on about that more here. i could go on for ages thinking of other things i want to be able to do well as a sex slave, but those are the main ones i think of first.

There is one other thing that comes to mind when i think of goals, and that is for Mistress to want to give me a collar. i know that this is kind of a big deal to most people in D/s relationships, and i would like it to mean a lot to both of us. If we could get a collar that i could wear while i was in public so i wouldn't ever need to take it off then i could continually wear it as a sign of not only my submission, but my sheer devotion to Her. So if we do get to the point where i get a collar my goal there is for it to be that everlasting sign of our relationship.

So that’s about it for goals i can think of right now, im sure i'll be able to better define these as m relationship with Mistress matures and we both grow into the roles a bit more, but that’s about the gist of it. Feel free to share goals you have in the comments, i would love to hear about it!

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  1. Oh, thank you for the sweet credit! That was so kind of you to do. I think this is a good post and it is always a good thing to be able to visually see your goals on paper, it makes them more real and easier to go back and read them again and see how you have progressed over time. You did good, but it is your Mistress that must truly decide that. Always---good luck.