Thursday, November 26, 2009

A fresh start

So here i am, first post on a new blog, a completely fresh start. i did have another blog where i talked about my experiences as a slave to my Mistress, but during a bit of a (very) rough patch we went though I made the decision to get rid of it, and my twitter account and everything to do with my online 'kinky' self, because i wasn't sure if we would continue as Mistress and slave.

Anyways, Mistress and i sat down and talked about it, and i think know we both learned a bit from what happened, and we both want to keep trying to get this thing to work, which i personally am very happy about. So here is a new blog and everything for me to signify that fresh start online as well. I changed my name from "Tightly Bound" to "slave b" for this one - using a single letter seemed to be a reasonably common thing to do for a name online, and i have my reasons for choosing 'b' (its not as obvious as something like my name, but it does make a nice play on words for the URL of this blog - 'b the slave', like 'be the slave' ... get it? i had a giggle about it when i realised!)

So now we are both trying to settle back into doing things as Mistress and slave - i need to shave my cock and balls again and get back into my snug little CB2000 chastity cage again, which with any luck i will do tonight or tomorrow, and Mistress wants me to start my anal training again (which i'll document again here as it was laid out on my old blog). So wish both me and Mistress luck as we continue on this journey (if you can call it that) and thanks for stopping by to read about it - leave me comments or email me if you like (the address is on the side of the page there).


  1. As I told you on twitter, I am glad to see you back to blogging and on twitter as well. I am happy that you and Mistress have worked things out and have decided to try and do this again. I hope things work out great for you both and that you both get the joy and love and fun out of this. Please send my best wishes to your Mistress. Thanks.

  2. Welcome back baby...hope things continue to improve!!


  3. Thanks to both of you! i'm hoping things will keep getting better for both of us and that i can keep sharing it with all of you!