Saturday, January 23, 2010

My camp nekkink story - chapter 4

The five men all stood in a line now, hand held restrained behind them by cuffs that are chained to the ceiling. Each of them with rock hard cocks after the teasing that led to their capture by the women, by their Mistresses.

Elle walked the women to a box located at the back of the room. “Kylie, would you kindly grab these gags and fit them to the slaves – Samantha can you follow her with the whip please. Any of the boys would don’t play nice should be immediately struck with it” The two women then grabbed the appropriate equipment and moved towards the line-up. Kylie was a tallish brunette woman, and Samantha was a shorter blonde who was a bit larger than the other women there, but both looked incredible in their Mistress outfits and the slaves hard cocks persisted as they approached. Kylie looked the first slave in the eyes and he looked away, keeping his mouth closed, not wanting the harness gag to put on him. Each gag had straps that secured it around the slaves head like a harness and a decent size red ball gag for the mouth. She grabbed his head and pulled it towards her “Open up slut” After a second with his mouth not open, Samantha struck him from behind with the whip, leaving an immediate red mark from the blow. The slave let out a yell, and Kylie used that her her advantage, shoving the ball in as he yelled, and quickly securing it. Mistress Elle smiled at the way the two worked together and watched them continue down the line, repeating the process until all 5 slaves were gagged.

“Now isn’t that better ladies” Elle said “I do love some peace and quiet, and you will find that when they can’t talk back, your slaves with follow your orders a bit more obediently.” By this point most of the men were also beginning to have saliva drool out from behind their gags, hitting their chests and pooling on the floor in front of them.

“Now ladies, the key to keeping a man always in that horny state where they are most willing to serve you is chastity – good old fashioned, don’t let them even get hard style chastity” Elle opened the box to reveal a number of steel chastity belts. “Each of these belts are made from solid steel, they have a small tube in the front section, which is designed to sit very flat against your slave so that under the right under garments they will be shaped like a woman. The penis is inserted into the tube and the whole piece will lock together around them, preventing them from seeing or touching their cock and balls, but still allowing them to use the bathroom, so it is ideal for all day, every day chastity. They lock with a padlock at the front and you will hold your slaves key. As a starter I want you all to fit one to each of your slaves”

Madison was dripping from her pussy as Elle described this – she had often thought about keeping Lucas locked up 24/7, keeping him always horny and frustrated, getting him to do obscene things for the chance that she might remove it and let him cum, and these steel belts were far beyond any device that she knew existed and would be a fantastic option. Lucas didn’t know it yet but when he left camp this weekend he would have his on, and it would be staying on for quite some time she thought to herself.

Each woman grabbed the belt that had their slaves name on the tag and made their way back to begin fitting them. Some of the slaves obediently spread their legs and accepted their new portable prison. Lucas however did not, he knew that Madison wasn’t going to be letting him out of this very regularly, and while the thought of being her slave excited him, the thought of handing over that much power to her scared him a little. So as she approached he twisted and turned as best he could, struggling to make it difficult for her to get to his cock.

“Don’t let him get away with that Maddy, show him who is boss” Elle spoke to her from across the room as she helped Samantha fit her belt to her slave. Madison stopped and grabbed Lucas’ face, pulling it towards her. She looked at him with a cold stare, a very serious look for her “You are my property now you good for nothing, worthless bitch. So if I want to lock you up then I’m going to lock you up and you’re going to like it. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way – your choice slut” She stood back from him for a moment and continued her stare at him – the look in her eyes continued to unsettle him, he had never seen her be like this towards him. After a moment he lowered his head and spread his legs, indicating his willingness to have the belt fitted.

Madison wet her hands with some lube and rubbed it over his cock. He already kept it shaved so her moist hands slid effortlessly over this skin. She slid his cock into the first piece of the belt, being the metal tube quite quickly, before his cock got hard again. The next piece fitted around the tube and covered his balls as well, pulling them in snuggly to fit the form of his body, hiding them completely. The last part was the metal belt that connected them together, and the pad lack clicked it all in to place ensuring his security.

Elle had watched this exchange from the far side of the room, having just finished helping the other woman with their slaves. She approached Madison and whispered in her ear “Very nicely handled Maddy, couldn’t have done better myself!”  She walked back to the cupboard at the back of the room that was filled with toys and grabbed out a selection of butt plugs and handed them out to the women “You’re going to want to put these in to your slaves now as well – trust me they will need to be stretched now so they are ready for what is coming later” as she handed them out Madison noticed the one Elle gave her was larger than the others “Make sure he knows he is getting this one because he was difficult”

Madison took the plug and held it in from of his face – Lucas stared at the plug and his eyes widened with fear, he had never had anything shoved in his ass before, and this seemed like a bit of a big one to start with. “This is going inside of you slut, if you have just let me put the belt on without any trouble it would have been a smaller one, but now you get this one instead. You will learn to obey me slut – I don’t care how much I have to put you through to get it in to your head, but you will obey me” Still staring at the plug, Lucas was beginning to acknowledge his position now, and he didn’t move as she positioned herself behind me, wetting the plug with some lube and rubbing even more of it around his tight hole. You could hear the moans of the other men as they were being plugged – Madison noticed that Samantha was toying with her slaves plug – pulling it in and out of him and almost laughing at the discomfort it was causing him.

Madison rubbed the tip of the plug against his small entrance hole, watching him clench his cheeks and then relax them again, sensing the fear and anticipation within him. She inserted the tip into him and heard him moan as in entered him. She began to force it deeper inside of him, letting the black rubber plug fill him, hearing him moan louder as it got harder to force it in gently. She held it in at about half way for a few seconds, letting him adjust to it a little before forcing the rest of the plug in to him. A loud groan was let out, muffled by his gag but the plug fell all the way in, now being held snuggly inside of him – it was not going anywhere. He moved his ass around, trying to escape or relieve the feeling of pressure that now filled him from within, but nothing helped. “Good slut, get used to that because over time, that one will seem small compared to what I’m going to put inside you” Madison chuckled to herself as she stood back to observe her handy work, watching him struggle with the discomfort of the invading plug.

Elle ushered the woman back to the middle of the room again “Now ladies, let’s put these boys to work, I’ve got some chores around the cabin that need doing and we need to enjoy a morning tea break!”

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My My camp nekkink story - chapter 3

The men’s response was shock and awe as they entered their room to find their partners transformed in Mistresses – mouths and eyes were wide open and they were all speechless.  The women were all smiling at the attention, and also knowing that the fun was about to begin.

“Alright boys, loose the clothes – now” Elle ordered to the men.  They all quickly fumbled their way out of their clothing as quickly as they could, blindly following Elle’s order. In about 30 seconds they all stood there naked, all still with grins from ear to ear.

“There you have it ladies, what is quite possibly the most important lesson you will learn while you are here” She walked slowly along the line of naked men, gently brushing her hands along their chests as she walked. “Men can be quite easily motivated by the offer of a ‘physical’ reward” She wrapped her hand around the cock of the man standing next to Lucas and began to rub it up and down “When you get a man horny enough he will do anything you demand of him” She walked towards the ladies, and spoke a little softer so only they could hear “and you can deny them for as long as you like, as long as they think they will get to cum at the end they will be putty in your hands. So let’s get them warmed up – go to your slaves and get them as horny as you can in the next couple of minutes. Do whatever you like, but don’t let them get too close to cumming”

Like a pack of wolves moving in on their prey, the women all started to walk slowly towards their men. Lucas kept his eyes fixed on Madison, watching her lovely curves as she walked towards him. He loved the way she looked in her corset and boots. He knew that all the men in the room were being very obviously manipulated, himself included, but that thought was very quickly replaced as Madison pressed her body against his, and she kissed him deeply and held him tightly.

She whispered in his ear softly “I already know you want to be my slave, otherwise you wouldn’t be here” she grabs his hand and gently guides it between her thighs and begins to rub her already wet pussy with it “but I want you to know that I am going to enjoy making you in to my slave. I’m going to push you so far in every way and you will beg me to stop, but I’m not going to. I ...” the sentence is interrupted by some of her own heavy breathing. “I know you are going to enjoy this, and you have to do to make sure of it is do what I tell you, and I’ll make sure you are more satisfied than you have ever been” She presses her hands against his chest and forces him back to the wall, kissing his neck and letting her leg ride up his side, exposing her wet slit. He wiggles from his position pinned to the wall to get his cock into her, and it slides in effortlessly. Madison groans with pleasure at the feeling, throwing her head back which allowed her the chance to glance around the room. She could see the other couples all performing various sexual acts together. One Mistress has her slaves cock in her mouth, another had her boys head between her thighs.

Her glance around the room is interrupted by Elle’s gentle touch behind her. Elle rubs her hands over Madison’s delicate form and then on to Lucas. She pries the two of them apart, seeing that his cock is still rock hard and covered with Madisons juices. Elle leads to two of them away from the wall a little before she starts gently kissing Lucas on the neck, pressing her body against his. What he doesn’t notice though is that as she is doing this, she is pointing to a set of cuffs hanging from the ceiling. Madison reaches up to grab them, and quickly fixes both of them to Lucas, keeping his wrists behind his back. Elle immediately steps back from him, letting him realise that he has been restrained, and with a smile she moves on to help the next couple get their man bound.

Madison then decides to use this opportunity to tease Lucas a little more. She grabs a nearby chair and sits herself just out of reach of her newly restrained slave. She slowly spreads her legs, exposing her still dripping wet pussy, and Lucas notices immediately, stopping his squirming and pulling against the restraints to watch what she does, almost mesmerised by her.  She slowly starts running her gentle fingertips around her moist lips, circling them slowly around her clit, before gently inserting her fingers into the wet hole. Her breathing gets faster and she begins to moan gently as he delicate fingers rhythmically pump in and out of her. Lucas again begins to squirm against his restraints, wants to do more than watch this spectacular show, but is unable to get more than a couple of inches closer to his Mistress, but his hard cock is evidence of his lust for her.

Madison withdraws her fingers, her moisture is dripping all over them and down her palm. She walks to Lucas and presses her tits firmly against his chest before teasing his mouth with the taste of her that is on her fingers. He opens wide and begins to suck them clean, one finger at a time, savouring the taste. They are only interrupted by the sound of Mistress Elle “and there we have it ladies, 5 restrained slaves ready for us to play with, and all of them so easily manipulated when you get them horny – you see?” Madison withdraws her fingers from his mouth, stepping away from Lucas and smiling at him with her most evil grin, watching his cock twitch at the fact that he wants more.

Elle continues to speak to the Mistresses - “Next ladies, I’ll show you how you can keep them horny for as long as you like”

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting things started again and trying to think of some rules

I'll start by saying that I have a big smile on my face this morning - now let me explain why :-)

I did finally speak with Mistress last night about how we could get the whole Mistress/slave dynamic back into our lives in a way that will be easier for us to keep going and not loose it. We came up with this idea - we would pick 3 rules/rituals/whatever you want to call them, that we would put in place right away, and then every week (or fortnight, we aren't sure yet which will work better) we will add a new rule. The theory being that we'll have some rules in place to get used to and then add them one at a time so we can get used to them, with the goal being that the rules will become second nature and just part of our daily routine (which is harder to do when we try to do all the rules at once).

After that discussion Mistress decided it was time to have some fun with me. We began with me using my fingers to probe and please her for a while before she decided it was time to make me feel really submissive - she pushed my head down to her ass and ordered me to lick. She had such a sexy sounding evil giggle to herself when she gave the order, which I loved! I started using my tongue up and down over her tight hole, and after a minute or two of this she started to really grind her ass back on to my face. While I did this I was slowly rubbing her clit and this drove her wild. When Mistress had enough of that she decided to reward me with coem cock sucking, and ohmifuckinggog was it good!

After that we moved on to me fingering her some more before using my tongue on her now dripping wet pussy - god I love the taste of her, I could seriously go down on her for hours on end if she wanted me to, the taste of her pussy is just inredible, well it is to me anyway! We shifted position so she was on top of me in a 69 style position, where she could lower her pussy down on to my face as she pleased, as well as suck my cock some more (definitely no complaints here!). So she started shoving her pussy in my face, and i licked as much as I could, savouring more of her taste, and only being able to breath in the smell of her - god it was good. Combine that with her lips being wrapped around my cock and I was so damn close to cumming (which is unusual for me because I am notoriously difficult to get to the point of cumming from cock sucking alone, I've always been that way).I'm not sure how long this went on for, I was just wrapped up in the pleasure of it all, and we kept going until Mistress started to cum - I had my tongue just inside the entrace to her pussy at the time and I could feel her muscle spasms as he moaned out loud in pleasure and I continued to lick up as much of her juices as I could before she moved off.

We finished the night with Mistress using her hand to pump up and down my cock until I came all over myself - it had some range on it too, had some it land around the base of my neck (so I wasn't face from hitting my face which I'm sure would have been all sorts of funny!). It felt fantastic to have some relief at Mistresses hand, we both just lay there for a minute or two to catch our breath, before I decided to rinse my dirty self off in the shower and we went to bed.

So all hot sex aside, back to what I mentioned about the rules we are going to put in place. We agreed on one last night, which is this:
  • slave must wear a chastity device at all times unless otherwise specified by Mistress. 
So this one by default sort of implies a second in that I must keep my cock and balls shaved, because the CB2K chastity device that we have at the moment is just beyond uncomfortable when I start to have some hair regrowth, but I don't think that will be one of the other two rules we start with. We agreed that I would think of one of the remaining rules and Mistress would think of the other, so I'm assuming that maybe tonight we will talk and discuss the rules we came up with. I'm also hoping that at some point today I'll have time to shave up and get the cock cage on, and then hopefully take a couple of pics to share as well (if Mistress permits me to share them that is)

I'm open to ideas for what rules we can look at implementing now or soon - what do you think will work well for us as starting rules? Suggestions in the comments are welcome :-)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where things are at

It's been a while (too long) since I posted anything here that wasn't fiction. I could write it off as just being busy over the holiday break, which wouldn't be entirely untrue but a lot of it is because I have just been lazy, very, very lazy.

Things with me and Mistress kinda got put on hold last month when I was working a lot of overtime and we didn't get much time to play or do anything on the Mistress/slave front. I've been running around without my lock on for ages now and I've even let the hair on my cock grow back, almost to its original bushy state (more laziness).

The thing now is though that I'm not sure if Mistress wants to try to pick things back up where we sorta left off last month. She hasn't mentioned anything to do with me being her slave, and I'm a little reluctant to bring it up because I don't want it to feel like I'm the only one who is driving this thing, but if I don't then nothing will happen and it will probably just fade away, and I don't want that either. I'm a confussed man right now.

Add to that me being back at work now (and adjusting to waking up at stupid O'Clock in the morning again) has got me tired and stressed out again - it's not that I hate my job at the moment, there are plenty of things I do like about it, but some of the people I'm forced to work with just drive me insane, more so than most other workplaces I've been in. So by the time I get home I'm already feeling pretty run down, which makes it harder for me to want to do all the slave stuff again (read: I'm being lazy again, you seeing a theme here yet?). I have been trying where I can to keep on top of the hosuework and to let Mistress relax while I do it, but it doesn't really feel the same for me when there is no BDSM-ish tones between us at all to what I'm doing - is that weird? does that even make sense? I know I tend to ramble and talk a bit of rubbish when I write here after I've just woken up.

So here is what I'm thinking then - I have to talk to Mistress about how I'm feeling, plain and simple, I know that. I need to stop being lazy and get mself back into some good routines, and lastly I think I need to get in that shower and tidy up things 'down stairs' and get back into wearing my lock again, even if Mistress hasn't asked me to wear it, to show her that I still want this. Then we'll see how things go.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My camp nekkink story - chapter 2

Madison walks in to the room with 4 other women and the trainer, all of them with clear expressions of excitement on their faces at the prospects that this boot camp will provide for them and their slaves.
“Good morning campers, I am Mistress Elle and I will be taking you and your slaves through slave boot camp this weekend. I won’t lie to you, it is going to be a lot of work for both you and your slave ... but mostly for the slaves, but I promise you that when you leave here you will be able to have more control over your men and be able to get a lot more pleasure out of them” She talks with a stern voice, but there is a certain seductive warmth to it as well. It is obvious that this isn’t the first time she has given this speech; she has run this particular training many times before. Madison had read about it online and the testimonials that came from other Mistresses blew her away – things like “since boot camp I’ve never had my boy be so attentive, and I’ve had all the fun keeping him locked up!” and “now that I’ve learnt how to really control my man, I’ve made him the house wife and I got out partying with the girls more! Then when i come home late looking for sex he’ll still take it anyway I dish it out”.
She had often dreamt about what it would be like to be able to keep Lucas as her pet. He was between jobs at the moment anyway so he spent most of him time at home, and Madison dreamed of making him into a maid for her – a maid that she liked to fuck of course. She had read stories of women who keep their men at home, train them to do all the house work and use them as sexual play things – she wanted this for her and Lucas, so much so that just the thought of it sent immediate heat to her pussy.
Mistress Elle walked to a cupboard at the far side of the room and opened it to reveal a large range of fetish style clothing for the girls to wear. “First things first ladies, I want you to look the part. Your men are already in awe of your beauty, but dressing like this will make gaining control over him much easier”. There was a corset each for them, along with boots, stockings, gloves and more. They all began to undress there and start putting it on.
As Madison slid into her tight fitting black corset Elle walked up behind her and began to help tighten it. “I’m so glad you convinced Lucas to come this weekend, I promise you that you won’t regret it”
“I hope so, after all the things you have told me about how you and Richard are I just ... just ...”
Madison was lost for words trying to describe her longing for Lucas to become her slave. Elle placed her hands around Madisons now leather clad torso and kissed her gently on the cheek. “I know exactly how you are feeling, trust me Maddy, I’ll make sure you get everything you desire from him”
The woman, now all looking as sexually dominant as Mistresses in any porno they had ever seen were now ready to being the men in. Mistress Elle went to the front door and ushered the men in to the room, it was time to begin the training.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My camp nekkink story - chapter 1

After doing a lot of reading of the stories over on Nilla's blog (which is a must read for any kinkster in my opinion!) I found myself (like so many others) sucked in to her story around "Camp Nekkink" (head over to her blog and do a search for that and read the whole thing, its very, very good!). After having a bit of a chat with Nilla I came up with the idea of doing my own 'spin off' of sorts, and seeing as she was OK with the idea (I didn't want her to think I was stealing her idea or anything) I got to writing. I have a few chapters up my sleeve at the moment, but here is a starting point for my own camp story - I hope you enjoy it!

“OK, let’s do it” he says, with a certain level of resolve in his voice.

“You’re sure? Because if we do this there won’t be any turning back – you will be my slave 24/7 and I’ll treat you like I would treat a slave” she replies to him, the look of excitement on her face is also evident in her tone of voice.

“I know, I want to be yours so let’s do it”

She leans towards him and kisses him passionately. “Let’s get some sleep then, tomorrow morning we are leaving for camp” She smiles at him as she speaks, he smiles back, and both can’t wait to see what the weekend at camp nekkink will bring for them.

Madison and Lucas made the 3 hour drive to camp on Thursday morning. As the brought the car to a stop at the camping ground they both looked around at the others who were arriving and setting up – some naked, some dressed in kinky leather, some greeting old friends while others look a little more lost and accidently bumping in to people as they take in the camp.

Madison stepped out of the car first, wearing her favourite pair of knee high black leather boots, a short black shirt and a short black singlet you could see various sections of her young, firm skin between the pieces of her outfit. She had the type of beauty that would always attract they eyes of men (and women), and here at camp was no exception as others passing through the car park to the site watched her step away from the car and put her long red hair up into a pony tail. Lucas followed behind her, wearing only his black leather pants his moderately sculpted chest was exposed. He locked the car and moved to stand next to Madison, looking around and feeling a little overwhelmed. Madison had been here once before but this was a first time for him. They walked towards the main lodge, where there were a number of people gathered around various postings on the walls.

“So how exactly does this work?” Lucas asked, getting more and more confused and overwhelmed as they walked towards the lodge.

“We are here to take part in a 4 day Mistress and slave ‘bootcamp’ of sorts. A good friend of mine runs it here every so often and I think it’s exactly what we need to kick start your slavery to me”

Lucas was a little uncomfortable hearing her say that out loud while there was so many people around, although he did notice that while people heard what she said, no one really reacted to it, like it was such a natural thing for these people. Madison found the details of where they needed to be for the bootcamp and they headed off down one of the paths to a smaller lodge building. There were a few Mistresses with their slaves standing outside as they approached.

After greeting some of the other campers that were gathering outside the cabin for a short while, the group fell silent as the front door opened. Standing there was a tall woman who wore leather boots, a black thong and a tight leather corset that let her incredible looking breasts site gracefully above it to be seen by all, with her long blonde hair running down over her shoulders and just touching the top of them. She held a riding crop in her hands and she stood silently staring at the group for a few moments before speaking “Ladies, join me in here while we prepare to get started – the rest of you ‘men’ will wait out here for us.” Madison looked into Lucas’ eyes and had a huge smile on her face as she walked into the cabin, ready to begin.

Being able to say 'no'

I know its been a week since my last post, longer since my last post that wasn't a fictional story, so I appologise for that - things have been rather hectic in the last week or so and this week doesn't look like it's going to be any different. I guess the holiday season just does that to you sometimes, so we'll just ride it out and hopefully things will go back to normal soon enough.

Anyway, the topic I wanted to write about today was whether or not a slave should be able to say 'no' to their Master/Mistress. I was having a chat with Mistress last night before we went to bed and she asked me for a bit of a rub down, to which I said "sure, no worries" (or something along those lines, I'm paraphrasing here). After that she said "actually, no don't worry about it, you don't seem like you want to do it", to which I replied "Where in there did I say anything that sounded like a no". She said it was in my tone of voice or the way I said it or something like that, and then said to me "Just because I own you doesn't mean you can't say no when you don't feel like doing something"

I had a bit of a think about that one, and it occured to me that while I appreciate that Mistress doesn't want to get me to do stuff where she thinks I'm going to be resentful or whatever about having to do it (which I genuinely wasn't in this case), the thought popped through my head that I really shouldn't be able to say no at all - well at least that's how I feel about it. I want to feel like I really am Mistress's slave, and while she is doing a fantastic job at getting in to that role (and I want to highlight that fact there as well) this was just one of those moments where I didn't feel like a slave at all.

I'm all for a slave having hard limits, but in my own I opinion (and I stress that point as well, this is just my opinion) if Mistress wanted to push my hard limits that that would be her decision to make - when I say I want to be her slave and do anything she wants, I mean it. I tell her what my hard limits are and I trust her to take these into acount during my service to her (and trust is the key word there, without trust this type of relationship is almost impossible).

Does anyone else have thoughts on the matter? Feel free to share them in the comments