Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last nights adventure

i'm gonna start by saying that i had a great time last night! Now let me tell you why. First of all yesterday was the first day of having my CB2000 on, which had me feeling great, i had seriously forgotten how good it felt to be kept so secure. But that on its own isn't why i'm smiling so much though.

When Mistress decided to take me to be last night, it started with "go to the bedroom and get naked" so i knew we were going to be doing something. Once there Mistress took out some of our rope and began by tying my hands behind my back. Next my ankles were bound together, and then She tied the ropes around my wrists and ankles together, leaving me hog tied on the bed. After that she blindfolded me and left me on the bed for a short time while she went and got ready for bed.

At this point i was starting to lose a little circulation in one of my wrists, which sucked because i was enjoying the feeling of being bound. Seriously, i could have just laid there for hours pulling helplessly against the ropes. After i told Mistress about my wrist she untied by hands, leaving my feet bound and began using the rope to whip me across my ass, back and thighs. She didn't go on for too long, but just enough for it to start to string. When She was done she untied m ankles and ordered me to go down on Her, which i loved being able to do, at this point i craved it more than anything. i buried my face between her thighs and gently licked Her through to an orgasm, after which i just kept my head resting gently on her thigh where i could still smell Her juices. Afterwards we cuddled together and had a talk about what happened and from the sounds of it we both enjoyed it a lot.

After talking about it though we did come up with a couple of things for me to do. The first of which is i need to find a way for us to store our toys better so Mistress can get to them easier when She wants to use me. The second is that i need to find some rope bondage tutorials for Mistress to read so that She can tie me up in positions that i can keep longer without losing circulation (so if anyone knows of any let me know!). i also told Mistress that She can practice on me as often as She likes (yea i enjoy being tied up way too much i think!)

i really enjoyed our little play session last night, even though i didn't come out of my cage at any point, and being able to talk to Mistress afterwards and knowing that She really enjoyed it was fantastic. Hopefully there will be heaps more of this to come in future (and hopefully with photos, but we'll see how we go!)

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  1. It sounds as if you truly had a good time and that your Mistress enjoyed using you...that is nice! I also know since we talked a bit that you are glad to be caged again and I am happy that you are since it makes you and your Mistress pleased. Hugs.