Friday, November 27, 2009

Preparing to begin my chastity again

One of the things that Mistress and i both think is important to making sure i am a good slave is chastity. From what i've read on the topic most keepers of male slaves agree that his orgasms need to be controlled and that a male slave shouldn't be able to masturbate freely. There are a couple of thoughts on how this should be achieved, with one being that a slave should just be trusted to not touch himself and only make himself cum when he is ordered to, and his devotion to his owner should be enough to make sure he keeps to that rule. The second option is to get a chastity device for him and make sure that he can't touch himself to make himself cum.

Personally i'm on the chastity device side of things and so it Mistress - she enjoys knowing that i'm all locked up and secure so i'll be ready whenever she wants me. Given that she knows that sometimes i have a habbit of masturbating in the shower the device is a way of being able to know that i'm only being allowed release when she wants me to.

i actually found myself thinking about this yesterday, as to how i could explain in a blog post exactly why i enjoy being in forced chastity so much - and it's really hard to describe the feeling. For me i think its a couple of things - the first being that it is a constant reminder of my submission (and i love the things that i can use to remind me, either under my day to day clothing or stuff that is discreet enough to be seen) and the second being that it is a way of removing control of at least that one part of my body from me. i think the second is the more important as it helps reinforce my submission rather than just remind me of it. Without the device on everytime i start thinking about something kinky my cock can get hard and i can touch it and just feel quite sexually empowered - where as when the device is on it prevents me from getting hard at all (and if i am wearing the small set of spikes that came with it, every attempted erection causes me some mild pain as well). The result of this is that when i become aroused isntead of being able to feel like i need to go get laid (or do it myself) i find myself thinking "ok, what can i do for Mistress to get her to let me out and at least give me a chance at cumming, but at least be able to feel my cock get hard for a short while" so it is a completely different mind set for me.

So after going through the recent troubled patch with Mistress i have gotten used to not having the cage around m cock, but today i'm changing that. This morning when i was in the shower i shaved my cock and balls in preparation for wearing it again, and by the end of the day i will be under lock and key again. i'll see if we can take some pics of it to share here as well.


  1. As a female I am not under such a device as you are(although such devices do exist for females). I fully understand your explanation as to why and what this does for you. No problem. I can easily see how wearing this would allow you to refocus your attention from your own body and needs to that of your Mistress. I am just always interested and amazed at the differences between female and male subs/slaves. And the similarities as well.Are you still using the same chastity device as before? Just curious. And again, please give my regards to your Mistress and thank her from me for allowing you to once again serve her and to blog. Always--poppet.

  2. Yea there are heaps of similarities and then just as many differences between male and female subs, its interesting to udnerstand both sides of things i think.

    At the moment i am still using the CB2000, but have my eyes on some of the steel belt options ... just need to find the cash for it!