Monday, December 21, 2009

My camp nekkink story - chapter 1

After doing a lot of reading of the stories over on Nilla's blog (which is a must read for any kinkster in my opinion!) I found myself (like so many others) sucked in to her story around "Camp Nekkink" (head over to her blog and do a search for that and read the whole thing, its very, very good!). After having a bit of a chat with Nilla I came up with the idea of doing my own 'spin off' of sorts, and seeing as she was OK with the idea (I didn't want her to think I was stealing her idea or anything) I got to writing. I have a few chapters up my sleeve at the moment, but here is a starting point for my own camp story - I hope you enjoy it!

“OK, let’s do it” he says, with a certain level of resolve in his voice.

“You’re sure? Because if we do this there won’t be any turning back – you will be my slave 24/7 and I’ll treat you like I would treat a slave” she replies to him, the look of excitement on her face is also evident in her tone of voice.

“I know, I want to be yours so let’s do it”

She leans towards him and kisses him passionately. “Let’s get some sleep then, tomorrow morning we are leaving for camp” She smiles at him as she speaks, he smiles back, and both can’t wait to see what the weekend at camp nekkink will bring for them.

Madison and Lucas made the 3 hour drive to camp on Thursday morning. As the brought the car to a stop at the camping ground they both looked around at the others who were arriving and setting up – some naked, some dressed in kinky leather, some greeting old friends while others look a little more lost and accidently bumping in to people as they take in the camp.

Madison stepped out of the car first, wearing her favourite pair of knee high black leather boots, a short black shirt and a short black singlet you could see various sections of her young, firm skin between the pieces of her outfit. She had the type of beauty that would always attract they eyes of men (and women), and here at camp was no exception as others passing through the car park to the site watched her step away from the car and put her long red hair up into a pony tail. Lucas followed behind her, wearing only his black leather pants his moderately sculpted chest was exposed. He locked the car and moved to stand next to Madison, looking around and feeling a little overwhelmed. Madison had been here once before but this was a first time for him. They walked towards the main lodge, where there were a number of people gathered around various postings on the walls.

“So how exactly does this work?” Lucas asked, getting more and more confused and overwhelmed as they walked towards the lodge.

“We are here to take part in a 4 day Mistress and slave ‘bootcamp’ of sorts. A good friend of mine runs it here every so often and I think it’s exactly what we need to kick start your slavery to me”

Lucas was a little uncomfortable hearing her say that out loud while there was so many people around, although he did notice that while people heard what she said, no one really reacted to it, like it was such a natural thing for these people. Madison found the details of where they needed to be for the bootcamp and they headed off down one of the paths to a smaller lodge building. There were a few Mistresses with their slaves standing outside as they approached.

After greeting some of the other campers that were gathering outside the cabin for a short while, the group fell silent as the front door opened. Standing there was a tall woman who wore leather boots, a black thong and a tight leather corset that let her incredible looking breasts site gracefully above it to be seen by all, with her long blonde hair running down over her shoulders and just touching the top of them. She held a riding crop in her hands and she stood silently staring at the group for a few moments before speaking “Ladies, join me in here while we prepare to get started – the rest of you ‘men’ will wait out here for us.” Madison looked into Lucas’ eyes and had a huge smile on her face as she walked into the cabin, ready to begin.

Being able to say 'no'

I know its been a week since my last post, longer since my last post that wasn't a fictional story, so I appologise for that - things have been rather hectic in the last week or so and this week doesn't look like it's going to be any different. I guess the holiday season just does that to you sometimes, so we'll just ride it out and hopefully things will go back to normal soon enough.

Anyway, the topic I wanted to write about today was whether or not a slave should be able to say 'no' to their Master/Mistress. I was having a chat with Mistress last night before we went to bed and she asked me for a bit of a rub down, to which I said "sure, no worries" (or something along those lines, I'm paraphrasing here). After that she said "actually, no don't worry about it, you don't seem like you want to do it", to which I replied "Where in there did I say anything that sounded like a no". She said it was in my tone of voice or the way I said it or something like that, and then said to me "Just because I own you doesn't mean you can't say no when you don't feel like doing something"

I had a bit of a think about that one, and it occured to me that while I appreciate that Mistress doesn't want to get me to do stuff where she thinks I'm going to be resentful or whatever about having to do it (which I genuinely wasn't in this case), the thought popped through my head that I really shouldn't be able to say no at all - well at least that's how I feel about it. I want to feel like I really am Mistress's slave, and while she is doing a fantastic job at getting in to that role (and I want to highlight that fact there as well) this was just one of those moments where I didn't feel like a slave at all.

I'm all for a slave having hard limits, but in my own I opinion (and I stress that point as well, this is just my opinion) if Mistress wanted to push my hard limits that that would be her decision to make - when I say I want to be her slave and do anything she wants, I mean it. I tell her what my hard limits are and I trust her to take these into acount during my service to her (and trust is the key word there, without trust this type of relationship is almost impossible).

Does anyone else have thoughts on the matter? Feel free to share them in the comments

Monday, December 14, 2009

Micro-Fantasy Monday: Role Reversal

Her slave finished up in the shower in the morning as usual, and set about his morning his morning just like it were any other day. He made breakfast for his Mistress and presented it to her in bed, wearing only his collar and steel chastity belt, just like always. She awoke to his smooth body, on his knees holding the breakfast tray - today would be the day of her experiment with him, to see how far her feminisation of him had really gone.

"Thank you slave - now i have a special outfit i want you to wear today, it’s in my top drawer. Put it on for me - now" She sat up to her breakfast as she watched his sleek form move across the room. He opened the draw and pulled out what was inside. He found a pair of stockings, a red and black lacy corset, a long pair of black silk gloves and a 5" pair of black heels.

"Today my slave, I'm going to be presenting you to some friends of mine, and seeing as its a girls afternoon in I figure you had better look the part. Now get dressed, go and do your make up and put your wig on. Then come back to me and I’ll help you fit your lovely fake tits into that corset ..."

He slid into the corset and pulled up his stockings as she spoke, admiring and being aroused by how he looked - this role reversal was so much more exciting to him than he ever thought possible, and he loved how Mistress enjoyed it.

"... because once us girls are done with you this afternoon, we will have some men that we want to introduce you to ..."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

All work and no play ...

... makes b wish that he didn't work so much! That's seriously what its been like around here lately, and is my explanation for the lack of posting this week. The bad news is that it's not gonna get better until after Christmas. I started a new job this week and the offer of overtime was there for me from word go, and given that the money will be a big help at this time of year Mistress and I both thought it would be a good idea to take it.

So I've been working late most nights of the week, which means my daily cycle during the week is looking like this - wake up, read blogs, shower and get on the bus to work, 12 hours later get on a couple of busses and then come home to read email quickly before getting in to bed to do it all again. Now I don't mind doing the extra work so much, but it’s not being able to do my slave duties at home that’s bothering me. When I get home I’m usually pretty exhausted, and I just can't find the energy to want to clean and tidy for Mistress and I hate that - I’m her slave, i should be able to keep the house clean for her, but I’m so run down that i just can't. Then when the weekend rolls around i do my best to do the cleaning, but am really after some time to just recharge the batteries and relax a little so when i hit the next week of work i stand a chance of surviving it - so right now I’m not being a very good slave and i hate that.

Speaking of things that i hate, i sorta hate myself for what i got Mistress for Christmas. Here’s the story - we had agreed on how much we would spend on each other because of the tight budget we are on right now, and she went and got a gift for me that was a little over it, but nothing too bad. Me on the other hand, saw the option to get something that i could pay for in a couple of months, courtesy of an interest free offer at the local electronics store, but i went way, way over the budget. Then when Mistress quizzed me about what i got her (She really wanted to know, she hates surprise gifts, i don't think I’ve ever been able to really surprise her with one ever!) she was able to guess what it was that i got her (it was a new netbook). What do i hate about this? First is that Mistress got very angry and upset about how much i spent on her compared to what she spent on me, and i hate that i didn't give any thought to that side of how she would feel. In my head i just thought about how happy she would be when she got it, and the second thing i hate is that she was able to read me like a book and get the answers from me so easily (which is one of those things i hate, but in a good way - i love that she knows me so well that she is able to tell what I’m thinking, i can't keep any secrets from this woman no matter how hard i try!). But the main thing that i hated there was that I made Mistress so upset with me. It’s too late to do anything about it now, but being one to learn from my mistakes I'm gonna make sure I think things through more to think about how they will impact Mistress more, which I think is something I need to do more of in general anyway - I say I want her to have all the power, so I need to get my brain used to putting her first in every possible way.

Other than that there hasn't been much else going on. Mistress is feeling sick at the moment so I'm doing everything I can to look after her and make her feel better. Now I think it's time for me to head off to bed - I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow ... and the day after that .... and the day after that too ...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Micro-Fantasy Monday: Contortion

He was bound so tightly that he couldn't move an inch, his Mistress was very proud of her ropework this time. She wanted everyone at the party to see just how good she was with the ropes, and just how much of a slutty boy she owned that he would let her contort his body with the rope like this for all to see. He was leaning forward with his arms were bound together behind his back. He balanced on one foot, right up on his toes, while his other leg was bound in a position kept up high. That large gag that was secured around his head was tied to the ropes that were rigged to the ceiling to keep him looking as far up as he could.

His Mistress approached him from behind, her strap on rubbing against his ass. As she gently slid it in to his tight little hole she whispered to him "Now lets see if you can try to contort yourself even further to escape this slave" She then laughed as she started to pound him heavily from behind, watching him squirm.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Playtime from last night

The weekend got off to a bad start for me, i was very, very sick on Friday (i actually left work early, which if you knew me you would know that meant i was sick because i very rarely let being sick stop me from working!) and i spent most of Saturday in recovery mode. Saturday night was a little disappointing too because Mistress has promised me a discipline session but after watching a movie and it being a bit late She wasn't really in the mood for it. Lucky for me though She promised to have a small one on the Sunday night and that She did go through with.

It started with me naked on the bed before Her. She gagged me with the ball gag, then laid me down on the bed, using rope to tie my hands to the foot of the bed and my foot together at the head of the bed, leaving me very spread out. By this point the ball gag already had me creating a puddle of saliva in front of me. Mistress finished the bondage with a blindfold.

She began the session with her whip, using it across my back, my ass and my thighs. I enjoyed this because She was using it harder that She normally does, which is great news for me because maybe that means She is getting a bit more used to whipping me and how much i can take. i tried my best to keep my noise to a minimum here because i want Her to know i can take so much more.

Next i heard Her leave the room for a moment, and it really was just a couple of seconds, and the next thing i knew i could feel a very hot sensation on my back - She had grabbed a candle and was dripping wax on me! This was totally unexpected and the fact that it caught me so of guard showed through my muffled groans into the mattress. The sensation was incredible, it hurt each time i felt the splatter of the wax on my body, but oh my god i just wanted it to go on forever! After She stopped She untied me and we had a quick talk about what i liked and what She liked and what She is getting more comfortable doing to me. i love that She said that She enjoyed the wax play because She got to watch me squirm with nowhere to go while She was in control - hearing Her say that sort of thing drives me crazy. She also said she loved seeing the marks that the whip left on me, which again drove me crazy. i said i wished i could see them too, and She said that next time She might grab the camera and take some photos. i hope She lets me share them here too - after all according to that survey i did recently after submissive, i am an exhibitionist! lol

We finished the evening with me fucking Mistress and then going down on Her. Mistress told me that i could cum if i wanted to, but i told Her that i was happy just satisfying Her and didn't need to unless She wanted me to. She was worried that if i didn't that i would end up masturbating in the shower this morning but i promised her to put my cage back on as soon as i woke up so i couldn't, and true to my word i did - i even went down a ring size to make it a bit tighter (i had the bigger one on to get used to wearing it again). So now i'm about to go and jump in the shower, i'm still horny as all fuck from last night, i still have some dried wax on my body (i wanted to keep it there as a reminder! *evil grin*) and i love it. This is one of those times i love being submissive :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why feminisation turns me on

i mentioned in a previous post not long ago that i would write one about why the idea of feminisation runs me on, so here we go. i know i think to myself sometimes "why on earth does wearing women’s lingerie and being fucked turn me on so much?" so i've been through this explanation in my head a few times as well, because lets face it, most guys don't have that sorta thing on their list of turn ons.

For me there are a few angles to it that i think make the idea such a turn on for me. The first of which is on a bit more of a psychological layer. If you look back through history its not hard to see that women are supposed to be the weaker sex and men the more dominant, so as someone who craves submission, being able to switch that role is a big thrill for me. Having a woman take the more dominant role and be more male like (i'm thinking strap ons here) and for me to be on the receiving end like a good little slut not only drives me wild from the physical stimulation, but from the thrill of that role switch being forced on me as well.

So with that being the main reason in mind, everything else about being forced to be feminine really flows back to that. i really like the idea of being forced to keep myself totally hairless (being punished when i don't), because that's traditionally what a woman should do, and doing so gets that switch to being the submissive gender back into my head. i really like the idea of wearing women's lingerie and clothing though, again there is that same reason of the gender switch, but there is also the fact that i think it all looks so pretty and hot as well, so when i wear it i feel proud of how sexy and slutty i look (i think i'm struggling to describe the feeling adequately here, hopefully you get the idea though).

i also seem to like the idea of how humiliating it is for a guy to be treated like that. The fact that i can be humiliated in such a way also adds to that submissive state of mind, because it's being forced on me.

i also think this idea of switching to the female role is also what has planted another fantasy in my head - the short version is that Mistress dresses me up as a pretty little slut, then forces me to suck another mans cock while she watches, or some variation of that. i'll admit that i haven't ever considered myself gay, and wouldn't actively pursue sexual contact with a man on my own, but the idea of it being forced on me by Mistress makes me so hot. That fantasy has a lot of the humiliation angle to it as well.

i actually find myself watching a lot of porn where women are the ones being bound and abused and imagining myself in their place, with a female dominating me. Watching women be bound and played with, and forced to fuck and have cock pushed into them at both ends, it just makes me wish i was being treated just the same way!

So thats about it - the bottom line is that it adds a massive psychological turn on for me - so yes, i like being dressed in a sluttly looking set of women's lingerie, putting on a pair of heels and make up, even a wig, and then being bound and fucked like a good girl - its just hot :-)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Survey: Do you have an inclination for BDSM?

I took this survey online at, here are my results, let me know what you think!

You Scored as Submissive
It feels good to serve. A lack of control in the bedroom can be fun and relaxing. Being with a dominant person wouldn't be a bad idea.


Exhibitionist / Voyeur



Degradation Lover







Monday, November 30, 2009

Micro-Fantasy Monday: Etiquette

She had him bound and gagged, naked and helpless on the bed. "Rules slave, I have simple rules and etiquette for you, and you just don't seem to get it" She paced along the side of the bed as she spoke to him in her stern voice, gently slapping her riding crop in her hand as she did. She raised the crop high in the air and slammed it down on his ass as hard as she could - the sound of the impact matched in volume by the loud groan he made behind the ball gag.

"You will speak to me with respect at all times"

She struck him again

"You will always listen and pay attention to every word I say"

She struck him again

"You will always be humble"

She struck him again

"You will always, ALWAYS, do what I say"

She struck him again, and again, and again ...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last nights adventure

i'm gonna start by saying that i had a great time last night! Now let me tell you why. First of all yesterday was the first day of having my CB2000 on, which had me feeling great, i had seriously forgotten how good it felt to be kept so secure. But that on its own isn't why i'm smiling so much though.

When Mistress decided to take me to be last night, it started with "go to the bedroom and get naked" so i knew we were going to be doing something. Once there Mistress took out some of our rope and began by tying my hands behind my back. Next my ankles were bound together, and then She tied the ropes around my wrists and ankles together, leaving me hog tied on the bed. After that she blindfolded me and left me on the bed for a short time while she went and got ready for bed.

At this point i was starting to lose a little circulation in one of my wrists, which sucked because i was enjoying the feeling of being bound. Seriously, i could have just laid there for hours pulling helplessly against the ropes. After i told Mistress about my wrist she untied by hands, leaving my feet bound and began using the rope to whip me across my ass, back and thighs. She didn't go on for too long, but just enough for it to start to string. When She was done she untied m ankles and ordered me to go down on Her, which i loved being able to do, at this point i craved it more than anything. i buried my face between her thighs and gently licked Her through to an orgasm, after which i just kept my head resting gently on her thigh where i could still smell Her juices. Afterwards we cuddled together and had a talk about what happened and from the sounds of it we both enjoyed it a lot.

After talking about it though we did come up with a couple of things for me to do. The first of which is i need to find a way for us to store our toys better so Mistress can get to them easier when She wants to use me. The second is that i need to find some rope bondage tutorials for Mistress to read so that She can tie me up in positions that i can keep longer without losing circulation (so if anyone knows of any let me know!). i also told Mistress that She can practice on me as often as She likes (yea i enjoy being tied up way too much i think!)

i really enjoyed our little play session last night, even though i didn't come out of my cage at any point, and being able to talk to Mistress afterwards and knowing that She really enjoyed it was fantastic. Hopefully there will be heaps more of this to come in future (and hopefully with photos, but we'll see how we go!)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some of my goals for my slavery

Bonus points to ThePinkPoppet for the idea of this post - i was had to urge to write something but wasn't sure of what and she suggest that i talk about some of the goals i have as a slave, so here goes!

i don't think i have ever sat down and tried to plab out my goals as a slave in writing, i know i have some ideas in my head and some i have talked with Mistress about but never really put them all down in the same list. It also makes me wonder what goals Mistress has for herself as well as for me too, i should go and talk to her about this. But that’s not the point of this post so i'll move on.

I think the biggest goal i have for being a slave to Mistress is that Mistress enjoys having me as her slave. I know thats a pretty generic thing to say but it’s at the top of my list. Because at the end of the day if She decided to tie me up, whip me until i was red and bruising all over and then fuck my ass raw but wasn't really enjoying doing it, then it’s just not the same for me. If i know she isn't getting a kick out of having me as her slave then i don't enjoy being her slave - i think because i get too disappointed that i hadn't done something right, or that perhaps i had forced the role of Mistress on her when she might not want it or whatever, but it’s that which makes Her happiness the number one goal for me.

Taking that first generic goal i can expand on that in my head a lot more to say "well how can i make her happy?" and the list there goes a fair way. First there are things i can do to care for Her and make Her feel like a queen, so things like always giving her massages (and maybe pedicures/manicures - assuming i could learn to give them), keeping the house clean and tidy, doing things for Her while She relaxes with a book, and so on. Then there are plenty of other things i can do to make her happy sexually as well, with going down on her being at the top of that list (for me anyway! hehe). So looking at this list of things as a goal for me, my first goal is to get better at always making Her happy by improving in all of these areas. i know i can't change everything overnight, so these are things i want to keep working at.

Then there are goals that i have for myself. When i think of the goals that are specifically for me i came to one conclusion - i am a seriously wanna be dirty slave! I want to be able to learn how to take big plugs and dildos in my ass (the bigger the better, i think im an ass whore wanna be here, i cant do anything past what i would call medium right now, but with practice ill get better). i want to be able to deep throat a strap on worn by Mistress, i want to push my pain threshold as far as i can, which will mean reaching it and breaking it multiple times. i want to have reminders of my submission that i can always have with me, like my cock cage - getting both of my nipples pierced is on that list. i would really like to be 'feminised' somewhat as well - i'm not saying i'm ready to go out in public and try to pass as a woman or go and get a sex change or anything (i love my penis too much for that!) but the thought of being made into a slutty woman drive me wild - i could do a whole post on just this subject alone, in fact i think i might so i won’t go on about that more here. i could go on for ages thinking of other things i want to be able to do well as a sex slave, but those are the main ones i think of first.

There is one other thing that comes to mind when i think of goals, and that is for Mistress to want to give me a collar. i know that this is kind of a big deal to most people in D/s relationships, and i would like it to mean a lot to both of us. If we could get a collar that i could wear while i was in public so i wouldn't ever need to take it off then i could continually wear it as a sign of not only my submission, but my sheer devotion to Her. So if we do get to the point where i get a collar my goal there is for it to be that everlasting sign of our relationship.

So that’s about it for goals i can think of right now, im sure i'll be able to better define these as m relationship with Mistress matures and we both grow into the roles a bit more, but that’s about the gist of it. Feel free to share goals you have in the comments, i would love to hear about it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Preparing to begin my chastity again

One of the things that Mistress and i both think is important to making sure i am a good slave is chastity. From what i've read on the topic most keepers of male slaves agree that his orgasms need to be controlled and that a male slave shouldn't be able to masturbate freely. There are a couple of thoughts on how this should be achieved, with one being that a slave should just be trusted to not touch himself and only make himself cum when he is ordered to, and his devotion to his owner should be enough to make sure he keeps to that rule. The second option is to get a chastity device for him and make sure that he can't touch himself to make himself cum.

Personally i'm on the chastity device side of things and so it Mistress - she enjoys knowing that i'm all locked up and secure so i'll be ready whenever she wants me. Given that she knows that sometimes i have a habbit of masturbating in the shower the device is a way of being able to know that i'm only being allowed release when she wants me to.

i actually found myself thinking about this yesterday, as to how i could explain in a blog post exactly why i enjoy being in forced chastity so much - and it's really hard to describe the feeling. For me i think its a couple of things - the first being that it is a constant reminder of my submission (and i love the things that i can use to remind me, either under my day to day clothing or stuff that is discreet enough to be seen) and the second being that it is a way of removing control of at least that one part of my body from me. i think the second is the more important as it helps reinforce my submission rather than just remind me of it. Without the device on everytime i start thinking about something kinky my cock can get hard and i can touch it and just feel quite sexually empowered - where as when the device is on it prevents me from getting hard at all (and if i am wearing the small set of spikes that came with it, every attempted erection causes me some mild pain as well). The result of this is that when i become aroused isntead of being able to feel like i need to go get laid (or do it myself) i find myself thinking "ok, what can i do for Mistress to get her to let me out and at least give me a chance at cumming, but at least be able to feel my cock get hard for a short while" so it is a completely different mind set for me.

So after going through the recent troubled patch with Mistress i have gotten used to not having the cage around m cock, but today i'm changing that. This morning when i was in the shower i shaved my cock and balls in preparation for wearing it again, and by the end of the day i will be under lock and key again. i'll see if we can take some pics of it to share here as well.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A fresh start

So here i am, first post on a new blog, a completely fresh start. i did have another blog where i talked about my experiences as a slave to my Mistress, but during a bit of a (very) rough patch we went though I made the decision to get rid of it, and my twitter account and everything to do with my online 'kinky' self, because i wasn't sure if we would continue as Mistress and slave.

Anyways, Mistress and i sat down and talked about it, and i think know we both learned a bit from what happened, and we both want to keep trying to get this thing to work, which i personally am very happy about. So here is a new blog and everything for me to signify that fresh start online as well. I changed my name from "Tightly Bound" to "slave b" for this one - using a single letter seemed to be a reasonably common thing to do for a name online, and i have my reasons for choosing 'b' (its not as obvious as something like my name, but it does make a nice play on words for the URL of this blog - 'b the slave', like 'be the slave' ... get it? i had a giggle about it when i realised!)

So now we are both trying to settle back into doing things as Mistress and slave - i need to shave my cock and balls again and get back into my snug little CB2000 chastity cage again, which with any luck i will do tonight or tomorrow, and Mistress wants me to start my anal training again (which i'll document again here as it was laid out on my old blog). So wish both me and Mistress luck as we continue on this journey (if you can call it that) and thanks for stopping by to read about it - leave me comments or email me if you like (the address is on the side of the page there).