Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting things started again and trying to think of some rules

I'll start by saying that I have a big smile on my face this morning - now let me explain why :-)

I did finally speak with Mistress last night about how we could get the whole Mistress/slave dynamic back into our lives in a way that will be easier for us to keep going and not loose it. We came up with this idea - we would pick 3 rules/rituals/whatever you want to call them, that we would put in place right away, and then every week (or fortnight, we aren't sure yet which will work better) we will add a new rule. The theory being that we'll have some rules in place to get used to and then add them one at a time so we can get used to them, with the goal being that the rules will become second nature and just part of our daily routine (which is harder to do when we try to do all the rules at once).

After that discussion Mistress decided it was time to have some fun with me. We began with me using my fingers to probe and please her for a while before she decided it was time to make me feel really submissive - she pushed my head down to her ass and ordered me to lick. She had such a sexy sounding evil giggle to herself when she gave the order, which I loved! I started using my tongue up and down over her tight hole, and after a minute or two of this she started to really grind her ass back on to my face. While I did this I was slowly rubbing her clit and this drove her wild. When Mistress had enough of that she decided to reward me with coem cock sucking, and ohmifuckinggog was it good!

After that we moved on to me fingering her some more before using my tongue on her now dripping wet pussy - god I love the taste of her, I could seriously go down on her for hours on end if she wanted me to, the taste of her pussy is just inredible, well it is to me anyway! We shifted position so she was on top of me in a 69 style position, where she could lower her pussy down on to my face as she pleased, as well as suck my cock some more (definitely no complaints here!). So she started shoving her pussy in my face, and i licked as much as I could, savouring more of her taste, and only being able to breath in the smell of her - god it was good. Combine that with her lips being wrapped around my cock and I was so damn close to cumming (which is unusual for me because I am notoriously difficult to get to the point of cumming from cock sucking alone, I've always been that way).I'm not sure how long this went on for, I was just wrapped up in the pleasure of it all, and we kept going until Mistress started to cum - I had my tongue just inside the entrace to her pussy at the time and I could feel her muscle spasms as he moaned out loud in pleasure and I continued to lick up as much of her juices as I could before she moved off.

We finished the night with Mistress using her hand to pump up and down my cock until I came all over myself - it had some range on it too, had some it land around the base of my neck (so I wasn't face from hitting my face which I'm sure would have been all sorts of funny!). It felt fantastic to have some relief at Mistresses hand, we both just lay there for a minute or two to catch our breath, before I decided to rinse my dirty self off in the shower and we went to bed.

So all hot sex aside, back to what I mentioned about the rules we are going to put in place. We agreed on one last night, which is this:
  • slave must wear a chastity device at all times unless otherwise specified by Mistress. 
So this one by default sort of implies a second in that I must keep my cock and balls shaved, because the CB2K chastity device that we have at the moment is just beyond uncomfortable when I start to have some hair regrowth, but I don't think that will be one of the other two rules we start with. We agreed that I would think of one of the remaining rules and Mistress would think of the other, so I'm assuming that maybe tonight we will talk and discuss the rules we came up with. I'm also hoping that at some point today I'll have time to shave up and get the cock cage on, and then hopefully take a couple of pics to share as well (if Mistress permits me to share them that is)

I'm open to ideas for what rules we can look at implementing now or soon - what do you think will work well for us as starting rules? Suggestions in the comments are welcome :-)


  1. I'm curious, as I don't have a cock I know very little about cock cages. Obviously there has to be a hole to urinate through - is it easy to "hit the target" when you urinate? What do you do in public restrooms, go into a stall? I can't imagine whipping it out at a urinal with other guys around. These are probably silly questions but I'm just curious.

  2. As the slave, you should tend to Mistress's morning routine. Showering her, applying her deodorant for her, etc.. (at least as well as a male can do so). You should also become proficient in ironing her clothes and preparing them for her the night before.

    As a side note - I have to suck Master's cock before getting out of bed in the morning. It could be that you pleasure Mistress in some way as well before leaving the warm bed.

  3. Nadia - Yea they all have some sort of hole to urinate through. The CB2000 that I have is like a cage with little plastic bars, and there is a gap in them at the bottom for urine to pass through. I wouldn't be caught dead standing up pissing when I wear it though, I'll take a stall and sit down every time, so aim isn't a problem then! Happy to answer questions though!

    Desiree - Those are both great ideas, i like the idea of pleasing her in some way in the morning. Maybe I could go down on her when I wake up - problem is that I get out of bed an hour and a half before she does, so it would mean waking her up early!

  4. i found that having Master implement rules that were applicable daily was easier at first. Once He felt the rules were adequately followed, He moved on to rules pertaining to things that do not occur day-to-day.

    For me it was easier this way because i got into the habit of following His desires DAILY and then added more rules.

    Hope this helps! :)

  5. I fully agree with viemoira. That's how my Master did it...step by step and a gradual process. Otherwise it's waaasaay too much to remember and makes the slave anxious and on edge.

    As you get up earlier than your Mistress, perhaps you could make her morning routine easier by setting out certain items. ie: make-up lined up neatly on countertop, cereal bowl and boxes of cereal lined up on the table. Coffee pot ready to be turned on with the flick of a switch, etc..

  6. Some of the first things the Captain implemented with me were certain physical postures and rules of dress to follow. I found that the postures especially were quite effective at hammering home that our dynamic had shifted. Perhaps your Mistress has some ideas for how she would like your body presented to her?

  7. and a daily blog post so your hangers-on can drool along with your transition to toy...(nilla is laughing-and yet...serious!!)....and let me add, that although i don't live a D/s lifestyle, as a subbie, i do wee things for my wife, like getting up earlier so that all is in readyness when she gets up...tea boiled and brewed and ready, toast in the toaster and ready to be cooked. etc etc...little things that may only take a few minutes and since you're up already...anything that would help her morning roll out more efficiently and pleasantly would be welcomed, i would imagine...

  8. Glad you are getting things back on track! i know how that feels as we are also trying to learn and grow and get back on track. i havent read a lot of your older posts so i'm not comfortable advising on which rules to start with. i would say that if you had any rules before that you really enjoyed having in place, then i would start with those first! best of luck!!

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