Thursday, January 14, 2010

My My camp nekkink story - chapter 3

The men’s response was shock and awe as they entered their room to find their partners transformed in Mistresses – mouths and eyes were wide open and they were all speechless.  The women were all smiling at the attention, and also knowing that the fun was about to begin.

“Alright boys, loose the clothes – now” Elle ordered to the men.  They all quickly fumbled their way out of their clothing as quickly as they could, blindly following Elle’s order. In about 30 seconds they all stood there naked, all still with grins from ear to ear.

“There you have it ladies, what is quite possibly the most important lesson you will learn while you are here” She walked slowly along the line of naked men, gently brushing her hands along their chests as she walked. “Men can be quite easily motivated by the offer of a ‘physical’ reward” She wrapped her hand around the cock of the man standing next to Lucas and began to rub it up and down “When you get a man horny enough he will do anything you demand of him” She walked towards the ladies, and spoke a little softer so only they could hear “and you can deny them for as long as you like, as long as they think they will get to cum at the end they will be putty in your hands. So let’s get them warmed up – go to your slaves and get them as horny as you can in the next couple of minutes. Do whatever you like, but don’t let them get too close to cumming”

Like a pack of wolves moving in on their prey, the women all started to walk slowly towards their men. Lucas kept his eyes fixed on Madison, watching her lovely curves as she walked towards him. He loved the way she looked in her corset and boots. He knew that all the men in the room were being very obviously manipulated, himself included, but that thought was very quickly replaced as Madison pressed her body against his, and she kissed him deeply and held him tightly.

She whispered in his ear softly “I already know you want to be my slave, otherwise you wouldn’t be here” she grabs his hand and gently guides it between her thighs and begins to rub her already wet pussy with it “but I want you to know that I am going to enjoy making you in to my slave. I’m going to push you so far in every way and you will beg me to stop, but I’m not going to. I ...” the sentence is interrupted by some of her own heavy breathing. “I know you are going to enjoy this, and you have to do to make sure of it is do what I tell you, and I’ll make sure you are more satisfied than you have ever been” She presses her hands against his chest and forces him back to the wall, kissing his neck and letting her leg ride up his side, exposing her wet slit. He wiggles from his position pinned to the wall to get his cock into her, and it slides in effortlessly. Madison groans with pleasure at the feeling, throwing her head back which allowed her the chance to glance around the room. She could see the other couples all performing various sexual acts together. One Mistress has her slaves cock in her mouth, another had her boys head between her thighs.

Her glance around the room is interrupted by Elle’s gentle touch behind her. Elle rubs her hands over Madison’s delicate form and then on to Lucas. She pries the two of them apart, seeing that his cock is still rock hard and covered with Madisons juices. Elle leads to two of them away from the wall a little before she starts gently kissing Lucas on the neck, pressing her body against his. What he doesn’t notice though is that as she is doing this, she is pointing to a set of cuffs hanging from the ceiling. Madison reaches up to grab them, and quickly fixes both of them to Lucas, keeping his wrists behind his back. Elle immediately steps back from him, letting him realise that he has been restrained, and with a smile she moves on to help the next couple get their man bound.

Madison then decides to use this opportunity to tease Lucas a little more. She grabs a nearby chair and sits herself just out of reach of her newly restrained slave. She slowly spreads her legs, exposing her still dripping wet pussy, and Lucas notices immediately, stopping his squirming and pulling against the restraints to watch what she does, almost mesmerised by her.  She slowly starts running her gentle fingertips around her moist lips, circling them slowly around her clit, before gently inserting her fingers into the wet hole. Her breathing gets faster and she begins to moan gently as he delicate fingers rhythmically pump in and out of her. Lucas again begins to squirm against his restraints, wants to do more than watch this spectacular show, but is unable to get more than a couple of inches closer to his Mistress, but his hard cock is evidence of his lust for her.

Madison withdraws her fingers, her moisture is dripping all over them and down her palm. She walks to Lucas and presses her tits firmly against his chest before teasing his mouth with the taste of her that is on her fingers. He opens wide and begins to suck them clean, one finger at a time, savouring the taste. They are only interrupted by the sound of Mistress Elle “and there we have it ladies, 5 restrained slaves ready for us to play with, and all of them so easily manipulated when you get them horny – you see?” Madison withdraws her fingers from his mouth, stepping away from Lucas and smiling at him with her most evil grin, watching his cock twitch at the fact that he wants more.

Elle continues to speak to the Mistresses - “Next ladies, I’ll show you how you can keep them horny for as long as you like”

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  1. Oh, please continue this as I am enjoying seeing submission from a male point of view.