Saturday, January 23, 2010

My camp nekkink story - chapter 4

The five men all stood in a line now, hand held restrained behind them by cuffs that are chained to the ceiling. Each of them with rock hard cocks after the teasing that led to their capture by the women, by their Mistresses.

Elle walked the women to a box located at the back of the room. “Kylie, would you kindly grab these gags and fit them to the slaves – Samantha can you follow her with the whip please. Any of the boys would don’t play nice should be immediately struck with it” The two women then grabbed the appropriate equipment and moved towards the line-up. Kylie was a tallish brunette woman, and Samantha was a shorter blonde who was a bit larger than the other women there, but both looked incredible in their Mistress outfits and the slaves hard cocks persisted as they approached. Kylie looked the first slave in the eyes and he looked away, keeping his mouth closed, not wanting the harness gag to put on him. Each gag had straps that secured it around the slaves head like a harness and a decent size red ball gag for the mouth. She grabbed his head and pulled it towards her “Open up slut” After a second with his mouth not open, Samantha struck him from behind with the whip, leaving an immediate red mark from the blow. The slave let out a yell, and Kylie used that her her advantage, shoving the ball in as he yelled, and quickly securing it. Mistress Elle smiled at the way the two worked together and watched them continue down the line, repeating the process until all 5 slaves were gagged.

“Now isn’t that better ladies” Elle said “I do love some peace and quiet, and you will find that when they can’t talk back, your slaves with follow your orders a bit more obediently.” By this point most of the men were also beginning to have saliva drool out from behind their gags, hitting their chests and pooling on the floor in front of them.

“Now ladies, the key to keeping a man always in that horny state where they are most willing to serve you is chastity – good old fashioned, don’t let them even get hard style chastity” Elle opened the box to reveal a number of steel chastity belts. “Each of these belts are made from solid steel, they have a small tube in the front section, which is designed to sit very flat against your slave so that under the right under garments they will be shaped like a woman. The penis is inserted into the tube and the whole piece will lock together around them, preventing them from seeing or touching their cock and balls, but still allowing them to use the bathroom, so it is ideal for all day, every day chastity. They lock with a padlock at the front and you will hold your slaves key. As a starter I want you all to fit one to each of your slaves”

Madison was dripping from her pussy as Elle described this – she had often thought about keeping Lucas locked up 24/7, keeping him always horny and frustrated, getting him to do obscene things for the chance that she might remove it and let him cum, and these steel belts were far beyond any device that she knew existed and would be a fantastic option. Lucas didn’t know it yet but when he left camp this weekend he would have his on, and it would be staying on for quite some time she thought to herself.

Each woman grabbed the belt that had their slaves name on the tag and made their way back to begin fitting them. Some of the slaves obediently spread their legs and accepted their new portable prison. Lucas however did not, he knew that Madison wasn’t going to be letting him out of this very regularly, and while the thought of being her slave excited him, the thought of handing over that much power to her scared him a little. So as she approached he twisted and turned as best he could, struggling to make it difficult for her to get to his cock.

“Don’t let him get away with that Maddy, show him who is boss” Elle spoke to her from across the room as she helped Samantha fit her belt to her slave. Madison stopped and grabbed Lucas’ face, pulling it towards her. She looked at him with a cold stare, a very serious look for her “You are my property now you good for nothing, worthless bitch. So if I want to lock you up then I’m going to lock you up and you’re going to like it. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way – your choice slut” She stood back from him for a moment and continued her stare at him – the look in her eyes continued to unsettle him, he had never seen her be like this towards him. After a moment he lowered his head and spread his legs, indicating his willingness to have the belt fitted.

Madison wet her hands with some lube and rubbed it over his cock. He already kept it shaved so her moist hands slid effortlessly over this skin. She slid his cock into the first piece of the belt, being the metal tube quite quickly, before his cock got hard again. The next piece fitted around the tube and covered his balls as well, pulling them in snuggly to fit the form of his body, hiding them completely. The last part was the metal belt that connected them together, and the pad lack clicked it all in to place ensuring his security.

Elle had watched this exchange from the far side of the room, having just finished helping the other woman with their slaves. She approached Madison and whispered in her ear “Very nicely handled Maddy, couldn’t have done better myself!”  She walked back to the cupboard at the back of the room that was filled with toys and grabbed out a selection of butt plugs and handed them out to the women “You’re going to want to put these in to your slaves now as well – trust me they will need to be stretched now so they are ready for what is coming later” as she handed them out Madison noticed the one Elle gave her was larger than the others “Make sure he knows he is getting this one because he was difficult”

Madison took the plug and held it in from of his face – Lucas stared at the plug and his eyes widened with fear, he had never had anything shoved in his ass before, and this seemed like a bit of a big one to start with. “This is going inside of you slut, if you have just let me put the belt on without any trouble it would have been a smaller one, but now you get this one instead. You will learn to obey me slut – I don’t care how much I have to put you through to get it in to your head, but you will obey me” Still staring at the plug, Lucas was beginning to acknowledge his position now, and he didn’t move as she positioned herself behind me, wetting the plug with some lube and rubbing even more of it around his tight hole. You could hear the moans of the other men as they were being plugged – Madison noticed that Samantha was toying with her slaves plug – pulling it in and out of him and almost laughing at the discomfort it was causing him.

Madison rubbed the tip of the plug against his small entrance hole, watching him clench his cheeks and then relax them again, sensing the fear and anticipation within him. She inserted the tip into him and heard him moan as in entered him. She began to force it deeper inside of him, letting the black rubber plug fill him, hearing him moan louder as it got harder to force it in gently. She held it in at about half way for a few seconds, letting him adjust to it a little before forcing the rest of the plug in to him. A loud groan was let out, muffled by his gag but the plug fell all the way in, now being held snuggly inside of him – it was not going anywhere. He moved his ass around, trying to escape or relieve the feeling of pressure that now filled him from within, but nothing helped. “Good slut, get used to that because over time, that one will seem small compared to what I’m going to put inside you” Madison chuckled to herself as she stood back to observe her handy work, watching him struggle with the discomfort of the invading plug.

Elle ushered the woman back to the middle of the room again “Now ladies, let’s put these boys to work, I’ve got some chores around the cabin that need doing and we need to enjoy a morning tea break!”


  1. That sorta reminded me of the first time I ever got anything shoved into my own ass. Tee-hee. Of course mine was not while I was gagged and restrained. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  2. I was always curious how chasity belts for men worked- glad you provided the detailed description! :)

  3. I love your story