Monday, December 21, 2009

My camp nekkink story - chapter 1

After doing a lot of reading of the stories over on Nilla's blog (which is a must read for any kinkster in my opinion!) I found myself (like so many others) sucked in to her story around "Camp Nekkink" (head over to her blog and do a search for that and read the whole thing, its very, very good!). After having a bit of a chat with Nilla I came up with the idea of doing my own 'spin off' of sorts, and seeing as she was OK with the idea (I didn't want her to think I was stealing her idea or anything) I got to writing. I have a few chapters up my sleeve at the moment, but here is a starting point for my own camp story - I hope you enjoy it!

“OK, let’s do it” he says, with a certain level of resolve in his voice.

“You’re sure? Because if we do this there won’t be any turning back – you will be my slave 24/7 and I’ll treat you like I would treat a slave” she replies to him, the look of excitement on her face is also evident in her tone of voice.

“I know, I want to be yours so let’s do it”

She leans towards him and kisses him passionately. “Let’s get some sleep then, tomorrow morning we are leaving for camp” She smiles at him as she speaks, he smiles back, and both can’t wait to see what the weekend at camp nekkink will bring for them.

Madison and Lucas made the 3 hour drive to camp on Thursday morning. As the brought the car to a stop at the camping ground they both looked around at the others who were arriving and setting up – some naked, some dressed in kinky leather, some greeting old friends while others look a little more lost and accidently bumping in to people as they take in the camp.

Madison stepped out of the car first, wearing her favourite pair of knee high black leather boots, a short black shirt and a short black singlet you could see various sections of her young, firm skin between the pieces of her outfit. She had the type of beauty that would always attract they eyes of men (and women), and here at camp was no exception as others passing through the car park to the site watched her step away from the car and put her long red hair up into a pony tail. Lucas followed behind her, wearing only his black leather pants his moderately sculpted chest was exposed. He locked the car and moved to stand next to Madison, looking around and feeling a little overwhelmed. Madison had been here once before but this was a first time for him. They walked towards the main lodge, where there were a number of people gathered around various postings on the walls.

“So how exactly does this work?” Lucas asked, getting more and more confused and overwhelmed as they walked towards the lodge.

“We are here to take part in a 4 day Mistress and slave ‘bootcamp’ of sorts. A good friend of mine runs it here every so often and I think it’s exactly what we need to kick start your slavery to me”

Lucas was a little uncomfortable hearing her say that out loud while there was so many people around, although he did notice that while people heard what she said, no one really reacted to it, like it was such a natural thing for these people. Madison found the details of where they needed to be for the bootcamp and they headed off down one of the paths to a smaller lodge building. There were a few Mistresses with their slaves standing outside as they approached.

After greeting some of the other campers that were gathering outside the cabin for a short while, the group fell silent as the front door opened. Standing there was a tall woman who wore leather boots, a black thong and a tight leather corset that let her incredible looking breasts site gracefully above it to be seen by all, with her long blonde hair running down over her shoulders and just touching the top of them. She held a riding crop in her hands and she stood silently staring at the group for a few moments before speaking “Ladies, join me in here while we prepare to get started – the rest of you ‘men’ will wait out here for us.” Madison looked into Lucas’ eyes and had a huge smile on her face as she walked into the cabin, ready to begin.


  1. Great idea- look forward to reading your view...

  2. Oh goodie! A new saga and with a decisive twist. Please continue.