Sunday, December 13, 2009

All work and no play ...

... makes b wish that he didn't work so much! That's seriously what its been like around here lately, and is my explanation for the lack of posting this week. The bad news is that it's not gonna get better until after Christmas. I started a new job this week and the offer of overtime was there for me from word go, and given that the money will be a big help at this time of year Mistress and I both thought it would be a good idea to take it.

So I've been working late most nights of the week, which means my daily cycle during the week is looking like this - wake up, read blogs, shower and get on the bus to work, 12 hours later get on a couple of busses and then come home to read email quickly before getting in to bed to do it all again. Now I don't mind doing the extra work so much, but it’s not being able to do my slave duties at home that’s bothering me. When I get home I’m usually pretty exhausted, and I just can't find the energy to want to clean and tidy for Mistress and I hate that - I’m her slave, i should be able to keep the house clean for her, but I’m so run down that i just can't. Then when the weekend rolls around i do my best to do the cleaning, but am really after some time to just recharge the batteries and relax a little so when i hit the next week of work i stand a chance of surviving it - so right now I’m not being a very good slave and i hate that.

Speaking of things that i hate, i sorta hate myself for what i got Mistress for Christmas. Here’s the story - we had agreed on how much we would spend on each other because of the tight budget we are on right now, and she went and got a gift for me that was a little over it, but nothing too bad. Me on the other hand, saw the option to get something that i could pay for in a couple of months, courtesy of an interest free offer at the local electronics store, but i went way, way over the budget. Then when Mistress quizzed me about what i got her (She really wanted to know, she hates surprise gifts, i don't think I’ve ever been able to really surprise her with one ever!) she was able to guess what it was that i got her (it was a new netbook). What do i hate about this? First is that Mistress got very angry and upset about how much i spent on her compared to what she spent on me, and i hate that i didn't give any thought to that side of how she would feel. In my head i just thought about how happy she would be when she got it, and the second thing i hate is that she was able to read me like a book and get the answers from me so easily (which is one of those things i hate, but in a good way - i love that she knows me so well that she is able to tell what I’m thinking, i can't keep any secrets from this woman no matter how hard i try!). But the main thing that i hated there was that I made Mistress so upset with me. It’s too late to do anything about it now, but being one to learn from my mistakes I'm gonna make sure I think things through more to think about how they will impact Mistress more, which I think is something I need to do more of in general anyway - I say I want her to have all the power, so I need to get my brain used to putting her first in every possible way.

Other than that there hasn't been much else going on. Mistress is feeling sick at the moment so I'm doing everything I can to look after her and make her feel better. Now I think it's time for me to head off to bed - I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow ... and the day after that .... and the day after that too ...


  1. b - I'm sure that your Mistress will (hopefully) soon realize that your motivations for the extravagance were borne of love. Once she starts using the notebook, she may very well love it and look fondly upon your unintentional misstep.

  2. It certainly i hard to keep up with duties when work gets chaotic- instead of getting frustrated i found it was more helpful to talk to Sir and He would reassure me by pointing out the small things i did or helping me make a list in order of importance...maybe that would be helpful? :)

  3. Desiree - Yea I think now the initial anger over it has passed that she is pretty happy with the gift like I thought she would be!

    Viemoira - Thanks for the tips, i appreciate it!