Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Micro-Fantasy Monday: Contortion

He was bound so tightly that he couldn't move an inch, his Mistress was very proud of her ropework this time. She wanted everyone at the party to see just how good she was with the ropes, and just how much of a slutty boy she owned that he would let her contort his body with the rope like this for all to see. He was leaning forward with his arms were bound together behind his back. He balanced on one foot, right up on his toes, while his other leg was bound in a position kept up high. That large gag that was secured around his head was tied to the ropes that were rigged to the ceiling to keep him looking as far up as he could.

His Mistress approached him from behind, her strap on rubbing against his ass. As she gently slid it in to his tight little hole she whispered to him "Now lets see if you can try to contort yourself even further to escape this slave" She then laughed as she started to pound him heavily from behind, watching him squirm.


  1. I try to imagine this position. Reminds me of some yoga poses that cause me to fall on my face! Ha. Nice imagery.

  2. I agree, the position boggles the mind, but then bondage isn't my biggest talent. Penetration would have to be painful in that position, if I'm visualing it right. Nice description.

  3. Yea, i dont think i did a very good job of explaining the position now that i read it again (thats what i get for blogging at 6am!) The point is though that it is a painful and weird position to be tied in :-)

    Glad you all enjoyed it!