Monday, December 7, 2009

Playtime from last night

The weekend got off to a bad start for me, i was very, very sick on Friday (i actually left work early, which if you knew me you would know that meant i was sick because i very rarely let being sick stop me from working!) and i spent most of Saturday in recovery mode. Saturday night was a little disappointing too because Mistress has promised me a discipline session but after watching a movie and it being a bit late She wasn't really in the mood for it. Lucky for me though She promised to have a small one on the Sunday night and that She did go through with.

It started with me naked on the bed before Her. She gagged me with the ball gag, then laid me down on the bed, using rope to tie my hands to the foot of the bed and my foot together at the head of the bed, leaving me very spread out. By this point the ball gag already had me creating a puddle of saliva in front of me. Mistress finished the bondage with a blindfold.

She began the session with her whip, using it across my back, my ass and my thighs. I enjoyed this because She was using it harder that She normally does, which is great news for me because maybe that means She is getting a bit more used to whipping me and how much i can take. i tried my best to keep my noise to a minimum here because i want Her to know i can take so much more.

Next i heard Her leave the room for a moment, and it really was just a couple of seconds, and the next thing i knew i could feel a very hot sensation on my back - She had grabbed a candle and was dripping wax on me! This was totally unexpected and the fact that it caught me so of guard showed through my muffled groans into the mattress. The sensation was incredible, it hurt each time i felt the splatter of the wax on my body, but oh my god i just wanted it to go on forever! After She stopped She untied me and we had a quick talk about what i liked and what She liked and what She is getting more comfortable doing to me. i love that She said that She enjoyed the wax play because She got to watch me squirm with nowhere to go while She was in control - hearing Her say that sort of thing drives me crazy. She also said she loved seeing the marks that the whip left on me, which again drove me crazy. i said i wished i could see them too, and She said that next time She might grab the camera and take some photos. i hope She lets me share them here too - after all according to that survey i did recently after submissive, i am an exhibitionist! lol

We finished the evening with me fucking Mistress and then going down on Her. Mistress told me that i could cum if i wanted to, but i told Her that i was happy just satisfying Her and didn't need to unless She wanted me to. She was worried that if i didn't that i would end up masturbating in the shower this morning but i promised her to put my cage back on as soon as i woke up so i couldn't, and true to my word i did - i even went down a ring size to make it a bit tighter (i had the bigger one on to get used to wearing it again). So now i'm about to go and jump in the shower, i'm still horny as all fuck from last night, i still have some dried wax on my body (i wanted to keep it there as a reminder! *evil grin*) and i love it. This is one of those times i love being submissive :-)


  1. Ugh. Being sick is teh sux0rs. (Says the person who has spent most of today in bed, leaking from the head and snivelling.)

    I'm glad things are on a good roll for you guys.

  2. Me too, Im hoping Mistress uses more of the wax play in future :-)