Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why feminisation turns me on

i mentioned in a previous post not long ago that i would write one about why the idea of feminisation runs me on, so here we go. i know i think to myself sometimes "why on earth does wearing women’s lingerie and being fucked turn me on so much?" so i've been through this explanation in my head a few times as well, because lets face it, most guys don't have that sorta thing on their list of turn ons.

For me there are a few angles to it that i think make the idea such a turn on for me. The first of which is on a bit more of a psychological layer. If you look back through history its not hard to see that women are supposed to be the weaker sex and men the more dominant, so as someone who craves submission, being able to switch that role is a big thrill for me. Having a woman take the more dominant role and be more male like (i'm thinking strap ons here) and for me to be on the receiving end like a good little slut not only drives me wild from the physical stimulation, but from the thrill of that role switch being forced on me as well.

So with that being the main reason in mind, everything else about being forced to be feminine really flows back to that. i really like the idea of being forced to keep myself totally hairless (being punished when i don't), because that's traditionally what a woman should do, and doing so gets that switch to being the submissive gender back into my head. i really like the idea of wearing women's lingerie and clothing though, again there is that same reason of the gender switch, but there is also the fact that i think it all looks so pretty and hot as well, so when i wear it i feel proud of how sexy and slutty i look (i think i'm struggling to describe the feeling adequately here, hopefully you get the idea though).

i also seem to like the idea of how humiliating it is for a guy to be treated like that. The fact that i can be humiliated in such a way also adds to that submissive state of mind, because it's being forced on me.

i also think this idea of switching to the female role is also what has planted another fantasy in my head - the short version is that Mistress dresses me up as a pretty little slut, then forces me to suck another mans cock while she watches, or some variation of that. i'll admit that i haven't ever considered myself gay, and wouldn't actively pursue sexual contact with a man on my own, but the idea of it being forced on me by Mistress makes me so hot. That fantasy has a lot of the humiliation angle to it as well.

i actually find myself watching a lot of porn where women are the ones being bound and abused and imagining myself in their place, with a female dominating me. Watching women be bound and played with, and forced to fuck and have cock pushed into them at both ends, it just makes me wish i was being treated just the same way!

So thats about it - the bottom line is that it adds a massive psychological turn on for me - so yes, i like being dressed in a sluttly looking set of women's lingerie, putting on a pair of heels and make up, even a wig, and then being bound and fucked like a good girl - its just hot :-)


  1. Interesting- thanks for sharing this perspective! It is not often i get to read things explained in detail from male submissives so i thank you!

  2. Not a problem at all Viemoira - I love being able to share some of the insights to the way my head works! If you wanna know anything else, feel free to fire me questions to my email and i'll get back to you - ask me anything :-)