Monday, December 14, 2009

Micro-Fantasy Monday: Role Reversal

Her slave finished up in the shower in the morning as usual, and set about his morning his morning just like it were any other day. He made breakfast for his Mistress and presented it to her in bed, wearing only his collar and steel chastity belt, just like always. She awoke to his smooth body, on his knees holding the breakfast tray - today would be the day of her experiment with him, to see how far her feminisation of him had really gone.

"Thank you slave - now i have a special outfit i want you to wear today, it’s in my top drawer. Put it on for me - now" She sat up to her breakfast as she watched his sleek form move across the room. He opened the draw and pulled out what was inside. He found a pair of stockings, a red and black lacy corset, a long pair of black silk gloves and a 5" pair of black heels.

"Today my slave, I'm going to be presenting you to some friends of mine, and seeing as its a girls afternoon in I figure you had better look the part. Now get dressed, go and do your make up and put your wig on. Then come back to me and I’ll help you fit your lovely fake tits into that corset ..."

He slid into the corset and pulled up his stockings as she spoke, admiring and being aroused by how he looked - this role reversal was so much more exciting to him than he ever thought possible, and he loved how Mistress enjoyed it.

"... because once us girls are done with you this afternoon, we will have some men that we want to introduce you to ..."


  1. Oh my ... Nicely done.

  2. Oops - a sinking feeling. What girls wont do to you for fun. Nice piece. I enjoyed it.

  3. Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked it!

  4. Yikes b - what a twist!

  5. Yea I had to put the twist in there to really show the role reversal part - and i'll admit there is part of me that is interested in exploring the idea of being made to do that myself as well :-)